The Southern Extension Episode Four

My elementary school, W.C. Abney, in New Hope, Georgia.

 In this episode of The Southern Extension, Chain of Events - Part One, I tell a story of how fate and bad decisions cascaded to put me in a position to meet a boy that would eventually try to kill me.


This story is from 1984 and is the true story of how I met the character named Rowe and the events that precipitated Blackout Log from Dweller On The Boundary. Possibly without any one of these events happening then I might never have met three boys in the woods.


The battered trees along the north shore of Jekyll Island, Georgia serve as inspiration for this episode. Photo by me, April 2015.


In this episode that begins at my elementary school I put this fateful meeting into context as to what was happening in my eleven year old life and lay the foundation for Blackout Log. It is a complex story and not as simple as what I wrote. This is the full story and spans episodes four and five.


Me at age eleven in one of my Braves shirts in a school photo.

I am not discussing what happened at Blackout Log, I wrote about it once in Dweller On The Boundary and will not elaborate.  This is how I came to be there.


The cover of my yearbook from fifth grade. Of course our school mascot was a bird.



The above photo is from my 1984 school yearbook. That is me in my fifth grade classroom. I have a broken left arm. My arm is in a sling and this was after the first time I broke it that year. The second time I would have my arm and hand strapped to my torso after surgery. My terrible teacher is pretending to help a student in the corner for the camera. This photo was staged just for this purpose as that teacher seldom got up from her desk. I loved and appreciated most of my teachers in the Paulding County school system, I had some wonderful ones, but this teacher was the only one that I disliked and the feeling was mutual.


If this episode had a song that related to it then it would be Drive by The Cars. It describes much of what happened in my life in the 1980s.


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Episode Four, Chain Of Events - Part One