About The Author

I am a Generation X gay, indie writer. You cannot be much more outside the mainstream of popular writing than that in the 2020s. After years of living in the city of Atlanta, I have moved to a house on a hill just over a river somewhere between Athens, Georgia and Atlanta. I can listen to an owl at night, see the stars again and there is even a hawk that drops by to sit on my back fence in hopes of catching one of my squirrels. The country boy in my heart is again satisfied and if I need to answer the call of a city that sometimes haunts me like an aching joint then I can drive to Atlanta, though I kind of prefer Athens these days.

 I was born on a hill in New Hope, Georgia and left in the 1990s to live on Ponce de Leon Avenue in an old factory in Atlanta. Once I had my fill, I moved to an 1800s Victorian mansion in Louisville, Old Louisville to be more precise. I had no plans of returning to Georgia, but circumstances called me back. I returned to Atlanta and as I once told a friend, I was afraid that if I did move back to Atlanta that it would snare me and I never would leave. It held me until 2021 and now I'm somewhere over a river, through some woods and atop a hill.


My hobbies are hiking, reading, photography, chess, gardening and travel. I am an avid music listener and enjoy many genres from rock to classical and jazz. My favorite rock band is R.E.M. and my favorite classical composer is Erik Satie.

I spent a significant part of my adult life in radio and television broadcasting. I worked locally and at the network level. I appeared on radio stations from New York to LA. I am no longer behind a microphone and at times I do miss it. Someone once said to me that radio was a disease that gets in your blood and it never leaves you, I agree.

I have a serious addiction to coffee and like to sample the local coffee shops when I travel. Old cemeteries are also places I like to wander through. I am happy in the middle of the wilderness, a beach or in a city center - just allow me some quiet time to relax.