About The Author

I reside in Atlanta. I was born and raised in the rural community of New Hope, Georgia, though I spent a fair amount of my youth in Decatur County, Tennessee . In the middle 1990s, I lived in the historic Victorian neighborhood of Old Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.

My hobbies are hiking, reading, photography, chess, gardening and travel; I never have enough time for them all. I am an avid music listener and enjoy many genres from rock to classical and jazz. My favorite rock band is R.E.M. and my favorite classical composer is Erik Satie.

I spent a significant part of my adult life in radio and television broadcasting. I worked locally and at the network level. I appeared on radio stations from New York to LA. I am no longer behind a microphone and at times I do miss it. Someone once said to me that radio is like a disease that gets in your blood and it never leaves you, I agree.

I have a serious addiction to coffee and like to sample the local coffee shops when I travel. I am happy in the middle of the wilderness, a beach or in a city center - just allow me some quiet time to relax.

I am a GenX southern writer that is at home in the cities and the countryside.