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Uncivil X description:

In this autobiographical novel, eighteen-year-old Chris Rhodes embarks on a personal journey in the grunge era of the early 1990s from his rural Georgia childhood to life in Atlanta. His story is one among the sixty-five million members of Generation X that is unique to him and rooted in the common threads of experience shared across his generation. From facing the storms and aftermath of a disintegrating family to working in country radio, college, facing the challenges of broken promises, learning to forgive an abusive childhood and escaping the walls around and within him.

This is the follow-up to his 2020 debut novel, Dweller On The Boundary. Chris Rhodes, a shy misfit, seeks to find himself in the AIDS and safe-sex eras of gay culture, an increasingly globalized society, culture wars and in the mysteries of the crossed human heart. Uncivil X is at times humorous, often shocking, painfully poignant and a scandalous confessional.

I am not finished with New Hope or Paulding County and there are plenty more secrets to reveal underneath the pines. If you do not know the story, I kindly ask you to read my first two books and if you did, thank you. If you have read them and thought that was the entire story then I ask you to understand that it was not - it gets worse.

This is the second novel in the Aviary Hill series. A third novel is in development. Additionally, there is the short story collection, Terminal Wake - Stories of a Boy 1979-1991, that is a companion to the novels and is available now. 

Published December 1, 2022

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Mock Interview about the book.

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