At present one of my poems is available on All Poetry.


I am at work putting together a book of my poetry from the early 1990s. Initial plans were for it to be published in late 2022, but editing and publishing is a slow and careful process. I am hopeful for a 2024 release.


These poems were written between 1991 to 1995 when I was eighteen to twenty-two years old. That was a period in my life as I attempted to overcome depression, painful shyness, the disintegration of my family, an abusive childhood and accepting my sexuality as a gay young man.

It is emotionally raw writing from when everything I wrote about in my novels and short stories was fresh. This is as close as it gets to living those moments.

These poems express that pain, isolation, loss and love. They are set in the rural countryside of the American South and transitioning to life in the city.