Contact Information & Social Media

As a public person trying to lead a private life I have established guidelines about contacting me. I have been a public person in some capacity since 1985, sometimes more well known than at other times. I never have been famous and have no desire.

I welcome questions, comments, media and general inquiries regarding my work at chrisvise at gmail dot com. Email reminds me of the old days of writing letters, remember those? I do and I miss them.

If you have enjoyed what I have written, I appreciate thoughtful reviews of my books and ratings on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you.

Facebook - I have an account, but I do not use it. It collects dust on some distant server. I will not reply to messages or friend requests sent to it. I will likely never see them. Ignorance is bliss in that case.

Instagram - I have an account, but that is private. I do not read or reply to messages sent to it.

Twitter - I have an account that I seldom use and it is private. I do not read or reply to messages sent to it.

I maintain no other social media. I place a high importance on privacy and personal security. If you wish to contact me, email is the only method.