Contact Information & Social Media

As a public person trying to lead a private life I have established guidelines about contacting me. I have been a public person in some capacity since 1985, sometimes more well known than at other times.

I welcome questions, comments, media and general inquiries regarding my work at chrisvise at gmail dot com. 

I understand why Pynchon and other writers are reclusive. I am not a recluse, but neither am I a very accessible person.

I dislike needing to explain this to adults, but these are my rules: 

I made the mistake of making myself more accessible in the past and I learned from that experience. It is unfortunate, but people abused it by sending me vulgar messages, unsolicited personal stories, trying to stalk me or being annoyingly flaky.

Please do not abuse the privilege and expect me to engage you in lengthy conversation via email. Invitations to anything other than professional events are not welcome, that was abused too many times by people making plans and not following through. I do not waste your time and please do not waste mine. My apologies to the adults of the world that have manners and are sincere.

My social media accounts are private and are for private use only. I place a high importance on privacy and personal security. If you have read my books then I think you will understand why I value this.

If you wish to contact me, email is the only method. I will respond at my leisure.

If you have enjoyed what I have written, I appreciate thoughtful reviews of my books and ratings on Amazon and Goodreads. 

Thank you.

Revised August 22, 2022