Fabulous Fourth

The 2T-Fruity party at the Abbey on this past Sunday night was "abbey-solutely" awesome. This was my truest moment ever to being in a real-life Queer As Folk episode. The hundreds of too perfectly chiseled shirtless men dancing in this one-time church with cathedral ceilings was heaven and the hottest party Atlanta has hosted this summer. Nothing from Pride could compare to what went down by this party hosted by WEPA and Volume Productions (cool website).

DJ Escape kept us moving, sweating and feeling the pulse of the music and it was capped off by a performance by Tamyra (can't say I know her but she can sing).

The party lasted until 3AM then it was off to the after-party.

The after party was at Club X on Spring Street. This was my first time at Club X.

That stretch of Spring Street is a wee bit seedy so walking from the pay lot down the street to the entrance was interesting. But once inside Club X turned out to be a different space amongst the other gay clubs in Atlanta. It has a large raised circular bar off to the left with table and chairs on the right. You then proceed to the dance floor which is the blackest space I've seen to dance on ever and if you can find your way across the room you eventually come to another long bar against the back wall.

The DJ was good at mixing and the lights were okay. They only seem to use neon green lazers here so I felt like I was in a Atari video game something akin to Space Invaders.

The crowd got the place jumping as many from the Abbey made it over to Club X and some new faces were filtered in amongst us too. I danced for a couple of hours, tanked up on bottled water and made it out onto the street around 6AM with the party still raging on inside.

This just proves to me that Atlanta boys know how to party well after the alcohol gets shut off at 2:30AM. If you throw it, they will come and may never leave.