Spotting Leslie Jordan

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting and enjoying the strippers at Swinging Richards when in walks Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace amongst other things). He comes in with someone else (personal assistant perhaps) and sits down two tables over.

I knew he was in town for months with his play, Like a Dog on Linoleum, but I'd yet to run into him at any of the bars. I assumed that I would sooner or later since I knew that he certainly enjoyed the nightlife, especially Atlanta's.

Leslie lived here during the 70's and was a resident of the notorious Pershing Point Apartments, our version of the Chelsea Hotel in New York City. His time in Midtown was the story behind his play Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel.
As I later learned, tonight was his last night in town before he headed to San Francisco with his show. I also learned that he wouldn't be headed homeward alone.

It turns out that he had developed a certain fondness for one of the "entertainers" at Swinging Richards and that this person was now his new boy toy according to my very reliable source at the club. The dancer who I'll call "Pelvic Thrust" for it certainly fits the style of stage humping and pole dancing that he was known for wowing the crowds. Pelvic Thrust wasn't performing this night and I had asked where he was and that was how I'd learned that he now was only performing for Leslie on command.

After a few minutes of watching the boys on stage Leslie headed back to the VIP area and wasn't seen again. His personal assistant was left alone to drink and watch the show. Having spent plenty of time personally in the VIP area, but not in a private room back there mind you, I know what's available on the other side of the wall and it isn't a better view.

It would appear that the man who was blown off his balcony in the last episode of Will & Grace has landed in the arms of a young Georgia Peach.