Batter Up

Underground Atlanta. 2006. Photo by me.

It was a mini taste of Bourbon Street in Underground Sunday night as the crowds were out until closing at 4AM Monday morning.

I hadn't been back to Underground since Charlie Brown's Cabaret closed back at the start of June. It was then that I decided nightlife at Underground was yet another failed attempt to save this part of Downtown. This was at the same time Alley Cat and Latin Sol decided to shutter up forever also. So I was kinda surprised to see people standing in line at The House, Triple Play packed and to find Irish Bred Pub open and bustling. Maybe there is still a reason to go south of North Avenue?

My reason for coming down was to see how the new parties at Triple Play were going. These new Sunday late night events are being hosted by Christopher Kind Productions and hosted by Brent Star and Alexandria Martin. It features drag with some of Atlanta's best drag queens, Genre amongst many others.

The model for late night Sunday drag was built and then abandoned by Charlie Brown. The crowds are still there for this kind of event as evidenced by the standing room only crowd I was squeezed into last night. Most of the faces were familiar as they were all regulars at Charlie Brown's.

Now as far as Triple Play goes it is a sports bar and is accordingly built like one. It doesn't really lend itself to truly being a performance space for any kind of show that isn't coming across the television. There are a couple of booths in the center, scattered tables and chairs and the bar for places to park your booty if you are lucky enough (seating is limited). That leaves most of the boys and the few girls to stand around and get familiar. It is hard to feel at home with the fact that sports jerseys are framed on the walls while bare ass drag queens are cavorting around underneath them.
It all made me miss the beautiful and comfy confines that was Charlie Brown's Cabaret. Yes, we were spoiled.
All in all the show was good for as much as I tried to follow it and Brent Star is an entertaining host. I see shades of RuPaul in him or maybe it could be the similar vocal tones. Alexandria Martin was Alexandria Martin and that's always a good thing.

Next it was upstairs to The House.

While skipping the line at House (thanks darling divas) I noticed what appeared to be a certain singer/actress and entourage in tow exiting around 3:15 AM. Once inside it was crushingly packed with faces of record producers and football players. My Abercrombie wearing ass was waaay under dressed. My friends and I surveyed the scene and concluded that we were a bit out of our element and passed on the bar and headed back down to Triple Play for one last drink.

Once the last drink was downed and the dancers danced to the parking deck it had me wondering if the Sunday nights of drag at Triple Play will have the longevity of Charlie Brown at Underground. I doubt it will as events and clubs come and go like yesterday's trick, we might remember the fun but rarely remember the names.