That Man Peter Berlin


elf-obsessed and sexy would describe 70s gay icon Peter Berlin better than anything else. I watched the documentary film on him and figured he'd had an intriguing past or story to tell, but not really.

He did take all of his own photographs, mainly because he wanted the control and enjoyed working alone.

He met and knew all of the big names of his time Warhol, Mapplethorpe and others. You'd think he'd share some fascinating stories about those people, but he doesn't. He drones on about himself in his own superficial way.

Sure he's sexy to no end. As one person in the film describes him as ,"one large sexual organ." 

No man ever looked better in those red short shorts.

As a gay history buff, I did find the archival footage of 1970s San Francisco interesting to watch fly behind Berlin's back or between his legs.

Even his sex life was dull. You'd think a man that made a few porn flicks, and strutted around showing every wrinkle of his cock would have had a helluva juicy past. Not Berlin.

He said once he came to the U.S. that he never fucked a man again. He enjoyed the street cruising but was all tease and not about the catch. He thought of himself as a street performer, strutting and turning heads. He attributes his lack of sex to his survival through the AIDS epidemic. He watched his few close friends die of the disease but to this day Peter is still alive and well if not a little more aged.

This film is for someone that is a true Berlin fan but if you are looking for an in-depth biography of the man it doesn't deliver. Which is a shame as most of the movie is Berlin talking about himself but he doesn't reveal much of his inner self. He is a talking photograph, all visual.

Worth watching for the eye-candy. C+