Easy Like Wednesday Morning

Chet Baker was pulling the covers off my ears this morning. It was easy to slide out onto the patio and welcome the day. Coffee in hand at 5AM I was out in the mild and damp air. Spring is coming when those morning lows are in the upper 50s and the daffodils are earth bound stars screaming from their roots that soon it will stay warm.

Inside I came, booted up the laptop and took in the round of blogs that I read almost daily. I read many blogs even though I comment on very few. It doesn't mean that I don't like or enjoy them, but I like to play spectator and enjoy them without any need for my participation.

I read blogs of all persuasions. I may not even agree with the content, but if the writing is compelling and you can tell the author puts thought into what he/she writes I'll become a fan. I'm most fond of blogs that create original content. Unfortunately most blogs are just content recyclers that post YouTube videos, silly quizzes or links to stories produced by the mainstream media. So I'm a picky snot, but I've always been that way.

One blog I read is written by a Swedish guy who does inspiring photography. No matter the subject I find his work draws me in and makes me think. He often does artistic self nudes, he is a cute guy I must mention, that are sexy but not in the least trashy. Though the one of him peeing against the wall in some Stockholm alley might put some people off. I believe his work to be daring and even John Cameron Mitchell (Shortbus, Hedwig and the Angry Inch) is a fan of his.

This morning I am sad to learn that an author of one Atlanta blog is very ill again. His story is a sad one and unfortunately not all that uncommon. It is written by a twenty-two year old that is HIV positive. His viral load is extremely high and his Cd4 numbers have dropped drastically. He's extremely close to possibly developing full-blown AIDS. Naturally he's battling depression and his blogging has been sporadic for the last few months. I only recently discovered his blog back in the Fall but he's been writing since early 2005. I've enjoyed reading his story and hope that he can battle on.

One last blog that I've enjoyed reading for years is written by an older gentlemen in North Carolina. He owns a bookshop and writes several blogs. The one I regularly read discusses sex in a mature, honest and unflinching manner. His blog isn't vulgar like sex blogs typically are but instead he actually makes sex an intellectual affair. His writing is easily accessible and I bet he'd been a good person to sit have a cup of coffee cool over conversation.

Last year I said that blogs would vanish within five years. I still think they might but I hope the people with interesting stories to tell find a medium to keep expressing themselves and sharing no matter what the future might bring.

As for me, whether it is interesting or not, I'll still hopefully be here typing away.