People love to talk about other people. Gays are the kings or queens of gossip. Joan Rivers move over sweetie you are nothing compared to a gay man with a drink in his hand and a secret to tell.

Here a few secrets I've been told, forwarded links to, or witnessed myself in the last few months. These are the secret lives of some of Midtown's biggest queens.

-The next time I see a certain potato queen sing Christina Aguilera's Beautiful at Burkharts' karaoke I will always envision them in drag posting ads on Craigslist claiming to be a virgin. Yet, they somehow know all the dark corners of the Heretic pool room.

-The next time I see an aging event planner with a drug habit and criminal record I'll always think of them as the person claiming to still be in their 20s on their internet profiles. Which might have been true 20 years ago.

-The next time I see a certain super thin drag queen I'll be thinking of them rushed to a Perimeter area hospital in drag suffering from a drug overdose.

-The next time I see a staffer that works at a club south of Cheshire Bridge I'll think of how bad their reputation is amongst the community and how they like to deny their heritage. I'll also be thinking of how determined yet unsuccessful they were in trying to get me in bed.

-The next time I see a certain vegan stripper I'll think of their struggling musical career and how their recording studio went bankrupt even though they claim the city shut them down.