The Coffee Stained Road

The Dallas, Texas skyline. Photo by me, June 2007.

Coffee does make the world go around. I would never crawl out of bed on Saturdays or any other day if I could not have coffee. 


My 35th birthday arrived. It strangely greeted me with a hand tremor in my right hand as I attempted to reply to emails. It was a little disturbing to see my hand shake involuntarily and to not be able to control a mouse. Perhaps it was too much coffee for my entire life or the alcohol of Friday night? Google had answers that I did not like. I will have to consult all of the Filipino RNs I know and see what they have to say. Given my family's medical history I should be concerned, but often I overlook my health and unfortunately I am no longer at the age to be able to do that. I am a mortal being it seems and that is not the best revelation for a Saturday morning or any morning.

I have the opportunity to take a road trip next month from Atlanta to San Jose, California. A friend is moving out there and is asking for my assistance in driving a UHAUL across the country. This will be the second friend I have had move to San Jose in the past six months. Strange considering I never hear much of San Jose and now two friends that do not know each other both end up suddenly moving from Atlanta to there. It would get me out to the Bay Area and I suppose could meander up to San Francisco for a couple of days before flying back home. It is something to consider and could turn out to either be lots of fun or one hellacious trip. 


The longest road trip I have ever done was the 14 hour drive to Toronto last year and that was not in a UHAUL. I have my reservations about going, but I am not one to turn down travel if I can possibly do it. There is something romantic about being in a car or in this case a truck and driving across the country. It is one of those things that I have wanted to do just to say that I have done it. Then again, the romance of the trip would probably wear off by the time I got to Texas. I remember driving out to Dallas last year and I by the time I got to Shreveport, Louisiana I was going only on BP coffee and cigarettes. My right foot was numb for about a day after from pressing the accelerator and I hobbled up and down Cedar Springs Road my entire visit.

I need to tackle my inbox. I have emails sitting there needing a reply from January. One thing I have prided myself since going online in 1996 was in answering emails. Then again, I may just take a shower and go to BJs.