Lauper Brings It To The Brink


are I say it for fear of having my gay card remanded?


Cyndi Lauper's new album, Bring Ya To The Brink, is much better than Madonna's Hard Candy. Listening to Bring Ya To The Brink, I think I know who spent more time in clubs recently or was paying attention.

Madonna would have been better received putting out Confessions On A Dance Floor Part Deux, but instead Cyndi Lauper will be the female artist you hear most commonly in the clubs this summer. 


Madonna's hip-hop infused Hard Candy just seems a little late to the party and never gets up enough energy to work on the dance floor. Cyndi on the other hand could not have picked a better time to put out her first album of new material in twelve years.

Currently Cyndi is sitting atop the Billboard chart Hot Dance Club Play with her single Same Old Fucking Story. Madonna is not even in the top 25. Despite remixes of Madonna's Give It To Me  that were absolutely okay I have yet to hear a single track of Hard Candy ever played in a club. Even in the video bars I have yet to see anything from Hard Candy. When my friends want to talk music they will most likely will bring up Bring Ya To The Brink in favorable light and poor Hard Candy has been mentioned only twice in not so favorable terms. The fickle gay boys were disappointed.

May favorite track from Bring Ya To The Brink is Into The Night Life. All she has to sing is, "shirtless wonders wreck my sight, under the light," and she has summed up what being under the mirror ball is all about.