The Snow Followed

Photo by me, January 2010.



Got back from New York where all it did was snow and afternoon temperatures hung in the teens and twenties. That weather followed me home like a stray dog back to Atlanta.

Went out last night to shake off the trip and the weird feeling I caught like a cold in New York. It began to snow, that messy Atlanta type snow where it snows on the untreated roads, melts and then freezes into ice. It is the only way it can snow in Atlanta. I grew up with it this way and I am used to it. You learn here that if it snows, you stay home because the roads will be a skating rink. 


Well, I did not expect the snow to be more than flurries and I was wrong. The snow poured and began to stick so I headed home.

Enough snow to be pretty and messy. Photo by me, January 2010.

I did not make it home, at least not by driving. I parked my car down the street in a shopping center and walked the rest of the way. The hill where I live is too steep to drive when it is a sheet of ice.


Photo by me, January 2010.

I enjoyed the adventure aspect of it. I do not generally go walking around my neighborhood at night so it was a different perspective on where I live. 


Photo by me, January 2010.

The snow did not measure an inch and by the next morning the streets were a sheet of ice not that it stopped people from trying to drive on them. Ditches, curbs, sidewalks and utility poles become car magnets during a snow.

I was glad to stay home.