The Movies Of 2014

These are my favorite movies of 2014.

1. Ida - This became one of my favorite films of all-time. Every frame of this film is beautiful.

2. The Notebook (Le Grand Cahier) - Despite the unfortunate title for this film which it shares with some awful Hollywood movie, this Hungarian film is incredible.

3. The Trip To Italy - If you saw the first installment of The Trip then you know that this movie is about food, conversation, improvisation, laughter and driving. This one while still funny isn't as jovial as its predecessor and at times has underlying somber notes. The dinner scene on the balcony with impressions of Gore Vidal was the funniest scene of the year. 

4. Litling - Being able to relate to much of the subject matter in this movie made it painful to watch. That I could relate to this movie made it one of my favorites for this year.

5. Under The Skin - At times I thought Stanley Kubrick had been resurrected to make this movie but director XX certainly was inspired by him.

Honorable Mention: Finding Vivian Maier - The subject matter is fascinating and for that alone I enjoyed the film. However, the execution of the film is lacking at times and for that it suffers. In better hands this could have been outstanding.