The Carousel On The National Mall

Walking along the National Mall in Washington there is so much to see from museums to massive monuments it would be easy to overlook a carousel tucked into a shady area on the periphery.

Photo by me, July 2015.

I was walking back towards the Smithsonian subway station after a long, hot July day on the mall when I noticed the carousel. I didn't have much time or energy left so I took a quick photo because I have a fondness for carousels. I wish I could have taken a spin on it or gotten a closer look but it was closed for day when I passed.

I am fond of carousels because they are beautiful with bold colors, can have intricate carvings and designs, display a level of craftsmanship that is rare to find these days and they are a simple thrill ride that doesn't require you to be jostled by a roller coaster or thrown into the air at some insane speed.

This particular coaster is unique in that it features four horses per row on which to ride. No other carousel of this type has been built since that features four horses abreast that jump.

The carousel has been located on the mall since 1981 but it was originally built for an amusement park in Maryland. The Allen Herschell Company were the builders and they constructed this carousel in 1947.

Atlas Obscura has more photos of this carousel and a bit more on the history of it too.