A Saturday

It was a Saturday morning without a plan or a need for one. This past Saturday I cooked oatmeal for breakfast, had my coffee and put my feet up. It was going to be a lazy morning as I listened to Bill Evans Trio's album Sunday At The Village Vanguard. It might not have been a Sunday but I could pretend. Mellow was the mood as the morning came by, through and over me. There was no rush to do a thing as the dense humidity was building outside and the hot temperatures were brewing across the city.

I wanted to be the smooth notes of the piano and the bass and not be bothered to be bothered about a thought of anyone or anything. So the morning was just what I wanted as if I had ordered it out of an expensive catalog made of thick, slick paper.

A walking trail at Mason Mill. Photo by me in May 2018.

A beaver dam on the South Peachtree Creek. Photo by me in May 2018.

It would be late afternoon when the peak of the heat had climaxed before I decided to go beyond my door. I went for my regular walk at the South Peachtree Creek Trail near home. I did it from end to end and back again to make my goal of four miles for the walk.

I enjoyed the walk through the trees, over the creeks, to the sound of the singing birds and with the fading sun. My lazy Saturday was not so lazy after all.