A September Saturday Morning


Hurricane Florence this morning.

The sun is blazing and it is hot this morning. The wind is beginning to stir on the last remaining days of summer this Saturday. We here in Atlanta await the remnants of Hurricane Florence which is still over in South Carolina and moving ever so slowly this way. The rain will come, but not so heavily and the wind will blow and at least it will be cooler for a day and maybe two. I am looking forward to the rain.

It has been some time since I sat down to write here even though I have been thinking about it. I could say that I have been too busy and it is true that I have been busy with life and whatnot. I guess I have just been thinking about the 90s and how I miss them. I miss life before the internet and cell phones saturated modern living and so I have been staying away from here to think.

Last night standing outside talking to my neighbor until it was too late, after midnight, we talked about society on a hot and humid night. He's younger than I am, in his 20s, and even though he was alive in the 90s he was only a child so he cannot appreciate the differences in life and society as it is today compared to the 90s. I said something about how I felt that people were too serious these days and I don't think he could fully grasp what I was talking about.

But...I do miss those days without cell phones and limited internet access.