Halloween Free Reading


Roses growing along the front of my house. October 2021.

I've been settling into a new house for the last month. There was the large chore of moving, followed by the cleaning and now I am in the painting and arranging phases. I have now been in the house long enough to learn where light switches are in the dark in most of the rooms and halls, but I am still adjusting to the new environment.

Leaving life in the city for the far-out suburbs, which at times feels like country life, is taking longer than I expected. I am enjoying the overwhelming quiet and rediscovering the night sky that reminds me of my childhood; I can see the Big Dipper again for the first time in decades! Yet, it is taking longer to learn the area and habits than I expected. It takes longer to drive places than it did when I could walk to a grocery store, a coffee shop, pizza place or any number of businesses in the city. Nor am I familiar with the creaks and groans of this house like learning a new person in my life. Still, I do not miss the city sirens, horns, pollution and lack of privacy so the trade off is worth it and I love the new house that feels too big and will require me to grow into it.

The moon in the night sky at the new house.

As October closes, the colorful leaves fall like candy rain and ghosts and goblins prowl for Halloween, I am offering both  my novel Dweller On The Boundary and my short story collection Terminal Wake for free. The free versions are available on Amazon Kindle beginning Friday October 28th through Halloween. This is my treat without the tricks.

My next novel set in the 1990s will be published in 2022. Happy reading and as always I appreciate reviews, ratings and email from readers across the world. 

Thank you.