Subject To The Algorithm


Canal Street, New Orleans 2015. Photo by me.

“Breathe deep the gathering gloom,” is how it goes in the poem Late Lament near the end of the Moody Blues song, Nights In White Satin. The gathering gloom for me is the act of writing and that is what I am doing in the nippy fall nights. 


My social media presence will decline for some time, especially Facebook, so that I may focus. This latter half of fall and winter will be spent much like last year as I worked on Terminal Wake and that means little time for scrolling through food photos, memes and political rants. Who am I kidding? I hide the political ranters of all persuasions.


The app for Facebook, except messenger, is uninstalled from my phone. The only notifications I will see are those that are emailed to me and that depends on which ones the algorithm chooses to forward. We are all at the mercy of the algorithm it seems. If I do not respond to a comment, I am sorry. I will reply to all messages, emails and those old-fashioned phone calls. You could write a letter I suppose but you would have to know my address for that. You could also come hang out on my sofa, have coffee, talk my ears off and I'll promise to keep the background music low and semi-interesting. Please note that candlelight is not included in that offer.


I am more inclined to write something here on my blog than I am to wade into Facebook at the moment. There is the possibility you could bump into me in Atlanta or Athens these days. Look for the tall skinny guy in sunglasses that could use a haircut - I might even be wearing flannel and Doc Martens.