Sunset at Mexico Beach, Florida. Late 1980s. Photo by me.

Last night chatting with a couple of people, I could hardly find any humor. That is not me. Even I recognized that I was boring. Getting out of this funk is going to take longer than I hoped. I suppose this is a good reminder of what the first half of the 1990s was like, if I looked for any silver lining in this.

The only thing worthwhile that I said was that I do not blame Facebook as a service, but it was the users instead. I will not be one to defend Facebook because I do believe social media is a terrible invention, but humankind is largely not capable of utilizing it for a better purpose. Scrolling through the news feed was like wading into a mob and having the ability to hear everything going on inside their heads. There was the usefulness, for lack of a better word, in that it allowed you to see the true colors of others.

I am not going to miss it. I could have went out with more of a bang and posted some unexpected controversial opinions for a laugh. Alas, people would have misconstrued it as some sort of endorsement of an ideology and applauded that. There was no winning.

One ray of hope is that I do often hear people say that they are tired of social media. Now, if they would act on it. Those dopamine likes are addictive though. Fortunately for me, there will be no withdrawal as I never cared about that.

I will laugh at myself, I did write people needed to look more in the mirror and examine themselves. I intended it one way, but that too will be misunderstood. People do that too often now on social media, but never get past their own reflection. The really weird part is when people act like they are some brand or persona - they dehumanize themselves all for a thumbs up? I could not understand what part of their needy ego that was about. Just eeewww.

I hope that people I said to keep in contact, will do that. There are still some adults left in the room.

Christopher Cross, Sailing