My Next Novel


©2022 Chris M. Vise

I have had little to say about what it is written in my next novel. I enjoy surprising readers. I have done little in the way of promotion and will refrain from saying much about it until publication nears. Some writers are this way and I am one of them. For now, this is the only tease I have to offer.

This is the first mock of the cover of my next novel. This is probably the final version with some minor modifications. I am not releasing the title of the book at this time, this is why it is showing ?X where a title should be. Obscured at the top is another title of mine for my poetry collection that has not yet been published.

The photo is of a pulp wood work site and a clear cut ravaged landscape. I shot this photo along a roadside in Alabama early one winter morning in 2018. The photo is meant to symbolize that of a battlefield and the aftermath. That aftermath for me was the 1980s and what that decade did to me in the 1990s when this novel is set.

The battlefield is Paulding County, Georgia. I am not finished with New Hope or Paulding County and there are plenty more secrets to reveal underneath the pines. If you do not know the story, I kindly ask you to read my first two books and if you did, thank you. If you have read them and thought that was the entire story then I ask you to understand that it was not - it gets worse.

The tentative release date is November of 2022.

Me in the 1990s.

A musical hint. Depeche Mode, Halo (Goldfrapp Remix)

That is all for now and thank you for reading.