Haralson Mill Covered Bridge


The Haralson Mill Covered Bridge. Photo by me, February 2023.

Though there is nothing historic about the Haralson Mill Covered Bridge, it does not mean that it is not a beautiful and scenic location worthy of a visit.

Approaching the bridge from the south. Photo by me, February 2023.


The later winter gray at Parker Lake. Photo by me, February 2023.


The bridge is located on Haralson Mill Road in a rural part of northern Rockdale County near the Walton and Gwinnett County lines just south of the Rosebud community and north of Conyers. The road winds through the woods and by open fields and is a pretty drive with a view of Parker Lake.

The lattice work of the bridge. Photo by me, February 2023.

The bridge is 150 feet long and 36 feet wide and has two lanes for vehicular traffic. It is also pedestrian accessible with a separated walking lane. It is a wood bridge built in 1997 resting on concrete piers faced in granite to give it a historical touch. The covered bridge crosses Big Haynes Creek as it empties into Parker Lake.

The trail for the parking area. Photo by me, February 2023.

The bridge through the woods. Photo by me, February 2023.

The woods along the trail. Photo by me, February 2023.

Parker Lake. Photo by me, February 2023.

Adjacent to the bridge is a short trail through the woods down to the water. 


Good old Woodsy Owl.

When I visited in late February of 2023, there were a dozen or so scattered beer cans left by the lake and in the water. Some selfish and lazy jerk or jerks with no respect for nature decided to have a party and leave a mess for the rest of us. I despise litterbugs. I grew up in the 1970s and 80s with Woodsy Owl teaching kids to, "give a hoot! Don't Pollute." He was omnipresent in our lives as kids then and it stuck with me since. In  modern society, with more advanced technology, very different lifestyles and educational systems, a character like Woodsy Owl probably has little chance of making an impact on today's youth.

Photo by me, February 2023.

Just before the bridge, approaching from the south, and across from an old farmhouse is this curious wooden structure. It looks to have been a general store or maybe a school house at one time; perhaps it was even a house. I suspect this building is not original to the area and was moved to that spot. The stone work around it is not old and has a modern drain cut out in the front. The building combined with the gray weather and isolated location made it feel rather spooky on the day I visited - I enjoyed that.