Terminal Wake: Stories Of A Boy 1979-1991
published March 2021
The followup to my debut novel, Dweller On The Boundary. Now on sale at Amazon.

This book is a funeral for a time, place, family and one boy's childhood. Not all funerals are sad, some are celebrations. Terminal Wake is a fictional collection of twenty-three stories inspired from actual events from a boyhood in the rural American South between the end of the disco laden seventies to the beginning of the nineties. These are stories written with compassion and humor about love, betrayals, abuse, tragedies and spirits that go bump in the night.

They are written from the perspective of a boy, a different kind of boy that was considered gifted and he was gay in a place and era that was not always as accepting. The primary setting is Paulding County, Georgia on the outskirts of Atlanta before the sprawl captured it like kudzu. It was just as unique as the boy, filled with eccentric, outspoken, strange and sometimes dangerous characters in the rolling hills and forests between Pumpkinvine Creek and the red dirt roads. The dysfunctional family at the center of it may or may not resemble yours.

These are new stories not contained in my novel, Dweller On The Boundary. Many of the same characters from that book inhabit this one too with just as much high strangeness.

Dweller On The Boundary
published August 2020
Christopher Michael Rhodes is a gifted child growing up in the 1980s in the strange, rural community of New Hope, Georgia in the American Deep South. In this debut novel by Chris M. Vise, inspired by true events, follow a young seven year old boy for the next ten years as he learns to navigate life, love, death and his family that crumbles like the red Georgia clay in a drought. He will draw upon the game of chess and the lessons of the dark wooded ridges of nature surrounding him to maneuver across a boundary of secrets, abuse and betrayal from attempted murder, suicide to sexual abuse and mental cruelty. In the Rhodes family, nothing is as scary as the sound of a cracking pine tree in an ice storm.
Now on sale at Amazon on Kindle and in paperback and hardback. Available in print at Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and other fine booksellers. 

In Development  & Teaser For My Next Novel
After finishing two books about my childhood that span the years of 1979 to 1991, I am writing my next book as a novel based on my life in the first half of the 1990s. My life becomes more complicated and sudden significant changes happen at home on Aviary Hill. I return to the wall having accepted my fate and choose directions. Some of the characters from my earlier books are present, but several new and important people enter my life. One person is a teacher in more than one sense of that word. I will experience the most Paulding County night of my life thanks to my misplaced trust. Chess will take on another dimension for me. I am not finished with Paulding County or New Hope.

I often mention music in my books as music has been so important in my life since the 1970s. This next book is drawing inspiration from one particular album in terms of mood. That album is one of my favorites from the 1990s, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by Sarah McLachlan. Most of the songs on that album felt like my life at that time. Two songs in particular kept me company many nights when I was alone atop Aviary Hill ensconced on the second floor: Possession and Elsewhere.

My decades of silence about the past is over and the writing has begun.