Bad Dancer

Hurricane Isabel kept me busier than normal at the office over the last two days, but now with it well inland and destined to become just an ordinary low pressure headed for the eastern provinces of Canada my work week should ease up from here on out. Whew!

Only a week away from my trip to New Orleans. I'm beginning to look less forward to it now. I knew I would do this too.
I'm thinking that I am not going to like being away from B for three days. I dislike it when he goes out of town and now I'm doing the same thing, leaving him home alone.

Also I have this fear of spending all that weekend in straight bars with Julie. I'm going to have to drag her to some of the gay clubs there. I would like to see OZ. It is the largest gay club in N.O. and it is described at being similar to Babylon from Queer as Folk. I want to see for myself.

I can't dance so what am I going to do in these places? Drink, talk and smoke? An entire weekend of that can be had at home without having to fly to a strange city. I am going to have to learn to dance somehow in a week's time.

B tried showing me moves yesterday evening. He looks perfectly fine making the movements, but on me it looks awkward and somewhat painful. I don't have any rhythm! What kind of gay man am I? I can't dance and I have a growing fear that I'm going to try it and look like the big fool that I am. 

My problems are so serious aren't they? 


Anyway, earlier in the week B and I ate at Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant on Tuesday for the second week in a row. The food is good and cheap so I was glad to get to eat there again. Actually it was my suggestion to do so. Next week we will have to try some other place and hopefully it will be just as good.

We dropped in at Barnes and Noble that night also. I needed to pick up a book for my mother and we did our usual routine of reading magazines.

This time there was some entertainment aside from the usual cruising that goes on in there. Two noisy straight guys made a mess in the magazines while they leafed through the porn mags. They left magazines in the floor and of course the myriad of subscription cards spilled out all over the place. Sometimes I just want to beat the shit out of people like that. Don't they know that an employee is going to have to come along and clean up the intentional mess they made? People are so inconsiderate of others.

I'm off to bed now. Until next time.