Reporting Back From New Orleans

The entrance to our bed and breakfast. Photo by me, September 2003.

I'm back from New Orleans! 


There are so many stories to tell. It was a great trip staying at a bed and breakfast on St. Charles Avenue in the Garden District. I met up with my friend Julie from Houston. She is a news anchor for one of my stations from the network, a dear friend and a good travel companion. This was our first time meeting off the air and in person in the three years we have worked together.

When I landed at the airport it was like entering a new world when I first heard a Cajun accent going to claim my bags. I traveled in style for once, it was a treat for myself to rent a limo at the airport for the first time in my life and have it all to myself on the way into the city - I deserved it, this has been a long and challenging year at the network in which I worked three months straight without a day off. I have never been one to splurge while traveling, but I earned it.

The French Quarter in the daylight. Photo by me, September 2003.

From sitting on the patio at the bed and breakfast having conversations under the palms, watching the street cars, catching cabs to the French Quarter, wandering around being shutter bugs, the delicious food, dancing at Parade, drinking at Cafe Lafite in Exile and then walking the dark streets alone all the way back to the Garden District just before sunrise - such mischief was had.


The Belfort Mansion from the Real World series. Photo by me, September 2003.

Both of us were big fans of the MTV Real World New Orleans season (my favorite season) and the Belfort Mansion where it was filmed was very near where we stayed on St. Charles. We went there of course.

I adore New Orleans. It is  an amazing city. I've yet to experience any place like it. I'd love to go back and hopefully I will. I encountered a guy claiming to be a vampire down a side street off Bourbon and there were other unusual experiences.

That's Julie behind me. Photo by me, September 2003.

I have hardly slept for three days and I did catch the flu when I was there so I'm a little under the weather. But even with the flu and a few hangovers I still had a great time.