A Night At Bloomingdale's

B and I went to Bloomingdale's last night, the Lenox Square store. It was nice, perhaps better than Richs and Macys. It was certainly brighter and more modern looking.

I was impressed with the selection of men's clothing. They carry one of my favorite brands, French Connection. I was tempted to buy more than I did, but B talked me out of it. I only came away with a pair of jeans. As far I know, Bloomingdale's is the only store in Atlanta to carry French Connection. I'll be back for that reason alone. 

Last night was apparently gay night at Bloomingdale's as every man that wasn't attached to a woman, which was the minority, was gay. Of course it should come as no surprise that when a new store opens gay men will be there in droves sampling the place. It was like that right after Filene's Basement opened on Peachtree too.

With Lord & Taylor closing across the street at Phipps Plaza I'll be curious to see what new store will replace it. Maybe it will be an H&M, but I doubt it. That space is too big for that store but I would like to see us get an H&M here.