Night Worker

I  slept for twelve hours yesterday. My Monday mostly never existed. I slept all Monday night and now I'm awake at 7:30AM on Tuesday. I have been lazy for a few weeks, ever since I returned from New Orleans. I came back from the trip with the flu and now that I have recovered I still have not managed to get my sleep schedule worked out.

I wonder if it is a voodoo curse? Someone in New Orleans put a spell on me, I think. There was that one guy on the corner outside a hotel, that I have not been able to shake free from my head - he was that attractive.

Today, I plan on breaking that spell and accomplishing some things and then going out with B tonight to see Kill Bill.


Several hours later after the movie.


It was a windy and warm day with temperatures in the lower 80s. I went to the bank and stopped by Home Depot to buy pansies. I bought pansies to go in the front planters that had the bloom-less mums. I transplanted the mums around to the backyard in a flower bed off of the patio for the winter. I love working in the yard. It is nice to get your hands dirty in the cool and wet soil. 

I called my friend Julie in Houston and talked with her while I worked with the flowers. She had called me yesterday, but I was sleeping. We chatted about work stuff and my goals and plans for the short term. It was a good conversation and she, like a friend often does, agreed with my feelings about the office and my plans.

The fall colors are showing now around the area. I was driving back and was sitting at a stop sign when my eye was caught by a swirling cyclone of dead leaves. I sat there and thought to myself how nice is must be to see the early afternoon sunshine  everyday. The burnt orange and faded red poplar leaves just swirled in the wind and sunlight and I took in the natural ballet being played out before me. I miss the sun, I dislike being a night worker.

The air smelled so fresh today. It's the only time of year when the air takes on this fall clean scent. I've opened the windows on the house to allow for an exchange of new fall fresh air for the lived in air of the house.

Today was a great day. It was the best day I have had since being back from New Orleans. The entire day was mine for the taking and making. You do not get many days like this.