Ambulance Ride

Sitting in the front seat of an ambulance I noticed the similarities between it and a UHAUL truck.

I was seated next to a blond haired lesbian while my mother was on a stretcher in the back. This was our journey to get her back home from the hospital today.

We had a feeding tube inserted into her stomach and she was unable to be transported to and from the hospital in our cars because she was unable to sit up out of weakness and pain. An ambulance ride was the only option we had if we were going to get this much needed feeding tube for her.

Her neighbors stood out and watched as the ambulance came and went both times from her house. They maintained their curiosity from a distance not wanting to get in the way of the paramedics. Their concern was obvious as they watched us enter and exit the ambulance with mom on a stretcher.

Ambulances provoke instant drama, curiosity and concern. We had all three surrounding us today on Temple Street.

With the feeding tube in place we can now get the nutrition into her that she desperately needs.

I wanted to ride in the back of the ambulance, like you see on t.v. or in the movies, but instead I sat up front and passed idle chit chat with the blonde haired lesbian from Rockmart, Georgia. She's going to Florida this weekend. I envy her. But she's in her early 20s, living life without a care in the world and probably has obligations only to herself. I really envy that.

The constant care I provide my mom is taking it's toll on me. I feel like I've aged ten years in three months, but it is worth every minute.