Sunrise of Edgewood

Photo by me, November 2013

Walking along the streets of the Old Fourth Ward you can see any number of murals with a variety of styles and messages. This one called The Sunrise of Edgewood by Gaia and Nanook is the most vivid and eye catching. The mural arrests your attention and since it faces an open gravel lot you can easily see and admire it walking east on Edgewood. The mural was commissioned by Living Walls and was produced in 2012. The man's face in the mural is aptly round and has a warm orange and red tone mimicking that of the sunrise. The day I went to view it was a cloudy Fall day and it had the effect of brightening up the neighborhood.

Gaia is based in New York and has painted dozens of murals around the world. Nanook is based in Baltimore and has a portfolio of murals as unique and colorful in locations around the globe too.