The Grant Park Overlook

August 11, 2013

Left to decay on property leased to zoo Atlanta is this wonderful brick and granite overlook in Grant Park. It is a shame that the zoo is allowed to let this decay into the past with no maintenance as this structure belongs to the citizens of Atlanta. If the zoo is fencing the area off and leasing city owned property it should be required to care for this overlook and maintain it in the event that in the future the area is returned to the public. This was once the main entrance to the park from Cherokee Avenue and you could stand on the overlook and view what was Lake Abana. However today, you would hardly even know it exists underneath the vines, weeds and trees taking it over.

Photo by me, August 2013

As you can see the zoo it allowing nature to run wild over it with weeds and even trees are growing out of it. The overlook sits at the intersection of Cherokee Avenue and Ormond Street behind the Erskine Fountain which was moved to this entrance of the park in 1912. I see no reason for the public to not be allowed to walk out on the overlook even if the view is not the same. The zoo is not using it and only neglecting it so why not open it back up to the public? Visitors to the neighborhood and park could utilize the space and the city could maintain it.

Photo by me, August 2013

Before too long this piece of Atlanta's history will not be able to be saved. Grant Park, which is Atlanta's oldest park, seems to get neglected. It is odd that Piedmont Park gets so much attention and care but not so for Grant Park. In doing some reading it seems the overlook was sealed off from public use some time between 1988 to 1997. Since then it has been left abandoned and abused.

Grant Park Master Plan 2008
In a master plan that I found on the website for the Grant Park Neighborhood Association it calls for the re-opening and restoration of the overlook for public usage. It is nice to see that others are also interested in seeing this saved and opened back up for public use. Yet, that was five years ago and nothing has happened.