Attending: Art AIDS America

Photo by me. May 2016


Thursdsay, I made the long and horrific drive from the city up to Kennesaw State University. It had been a couple of decades since I had been on the Kennesaw campus, but the art museum hosted a show to draw me back. 


I went to see the Art AIDS America exhibit at the Zuckerman Museum of Art. I have been to too many shows to count, but never once have I cried until this one. Thankfully, the museum knows how devastating this exhibition is and has provided boxes of tissues on benches. By the end I was ready to run far and away. It is staggering the losses that took place in the 1980s and 90s. I remember that time well growing as a member of Generation X.

If you are looking for big names to see it contains work by Robert Mapplethorpe, Annie Liebovitz , Keith Haring and others.

The show closes on the 22nd, this Sunday. It's also free. This is the kind of show the High Museum would never have the courage  to put on. The next stop on the tour is the Bronx Museum of Arts.