Noccalula Falls

Noccalula Falls with a rainbow in its spray. Photo by me, March 2011.

Noccalula Falls is located in a park in the city of Gadsden, Alabama. It is said to be named after a Native American Indian princess but there is no historical evidence for such a person. It is a stunning waterfall to behold as the water plunges 90 feet over the rock edge. If you go at the right time you might capture a rainbow in the water spray at the base.
Photo by me, March 2011.

Black Creek is the source of the water for Noccalula Falls. As with any waterfall rainfall is going to be the determining factor as to how dramatic the water flow is going to be. I find that in the south the best times to go are in the winter and early spring when rainfall is more abundant.

Photo by me, March 2011.

This park is nicely done with a bridge over Black Creek right at the edge of the waterfall so you get a nice view and feel the intensity of the water rushing underneath you.

Photo by me, March 2011.

This is looking right over the precipice of the falls. There are massive boulders below and quite of bit of spray as Black Creek continues on through the hills of northeast Alabama.

In addition to the waterfall this park offers camping, hiking trails and a fort. Parking is free.