My Side Of The Wall


This is a part of my corner of where I live in Atlanta at Emory University/Lullwater. I was out there burning off frustration over the good and bad of social media on Tuesday with a few miles of walking. I was gathering some inspiration too for what is on the horizon in 2021.

Fall is my favorite season and I am so glad that it is here. I love the smell of chimney smoke, the foggy mornings, the cooler weather and the crunch of leaves under my feet.








The kids around here have a had good time over the years making this old mill tower into a colorful graffiti landmark. The nearby abandoned remnants of the old Decatur Waterworks look similar. I prefer this random vomit of graffiti more than I do the planned murals on the side of buildings that promote some type of corporate approved moral propaganda under the guise of art that is all too common the past few years.

I have been listening to Sonic Youth and Echo & The Bunnymen over the past two weeks. Over The Wall is on my mind. I am ready for cold, rain and abandoned places.