The River Of Truth


Little River Canyon, Alabama. March 2011.

The truth is not a cure all as some may think. When preparing to publish Dweller On The Boundary I was told by someone that the truth would set me free. It is a nice sentiment, but not one I can wildly follow like jumping feet first from a cliff overlooking a raging river. 


It would be reckless to embrace the truth with arms wide open, not only for myself, but for those people that the story is inspired by. The truth applied in full force would ruin lives that do not deserve to be ruined. I have no desire to harm people from the past and that was a consideration from the beginning that I have doggedly followed. The truth is dangerous like that raging river below my dangling feet and the old Paulding County that I grew up in which is small and populated with jagged rocks. 


I will not crash onto those rocks because someone thought it was a good idea to be truthful, they have no risk sitting back offering advice from the comfort of their sofa, but I do. I decided from the outset that I would write as much truth as I possibly could without endangering me or anybody else. What I write and publish going forward will abide by the same considerations.


In recent months some thought they were a greater influence on me than they were, that I had not considered what I was doing or that I agreed with them. My mind is not as malleable to them as they thought nor was I asking for guidance. The position I wrote this book from was not a position of weakness or I never would have written it. However, I am strengthening the fortifications around myself to keep those that misunderstand me from securing future distraction or influence.